QW 90°-turn Gear Box

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Product details

Torque: 346~120000N.m
Design Spec: JB-T8531/ISO5211
Material Spec: WCB/LCB/LCC

Structure Characters:

★Under loaded worm wheel, full covered O-ring seal shell, IP67 class protection

★Grease lubricated all over inside cavity

★Thrust bearing and ball bearing design on worm. High efficiency.

★Tight structure with high strength and rigidity.

★Visible open/close indication, strike adjustable in -5~100°

★Flexible velocity ratio setup, open/close time and operative torque are considered.

★Best partner to multi-turn electric gear box

★Worm gear box and the secondary gear reducer are module structure. Flexible configuration leads best parameter output and convenient assembly.

★ISO5211 connection flange

★Working temperature: -29~100℃


Optional Configuration:

★Handwheel lock

★Anti-rotate pin hole set on connection flange

★Grease valve port

★Customized connection flange size

★Replaceable stem adapter

★Strike limit

★Electric input flange

★Special heavy duty corrosion service condition

★IP68 class protection

★Addictional special design for lowest working temperature at -46℃"




Email : volant_valve@163.com

Tel/Fax : +86-813-8773335

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