Company Overview Established in 2003, VOLANT is a valve and valve actuator provider with specializing in products R&D, designing, manufacturing, sale and servicing. The company owns superior manufacturing, machines, inspection and testing devices and surface treatment equipment. The company has been approved by ISO 9001 quality system and TSG, API product certificates. Now VOLANT is a provincial high-tech enterprise in Sichuan.
Technical Capability VOLANT’s technical team members mostly has 15-30 years of experience in valve design, manufacturing, and quality management. They can use modern design programs, like Creo for 3D design, Solidworks for FEM (finite element) analysis and Fluent for CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to optimize valve structure, appearance, flow field, dynamic response etc.


VOLANT products of ball valves, pig valves, axial-flow check valves, axial-flow regulators and axial-flow safety relief valves are highly praised by various users. Focus on ball valves designed for severe condition application, in domestic, VOLANT is a main manufacturer of shut-off ball valves and check valves for ore slurry conveying, main manufacturer of ultra HT/HP trap valves and manufacturer of high-temp multiphase media (coal chemical and polycrystalline silicon) pipeline system ball valve. VOLANT also provides duplex stainless steel (A890:4A & 5A) valve and nickel base material valve like Inconel, Incoloy and Monel etc. materials for corrosive chemical industry conditions.
Teamwork VOLANT advocates ideas of integrity, honesty, safety and environment friendly to keep our products and services abiding by contract, complying with specification, delivering in punctual time and fully meeting the application.


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