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Thank you for your interesting in VOLANT! As the chairman of board, I’m looking forward to see what we can do for you. VOLANT is manufacturing company specialized in valve and valve actuator. We have a large factory equipped with superior facilities. We are provided with experienced management team and skilled and dedicated technician stuff. Continuously, VOLANT is supplying with satisfied products and services, and providing engineering solutions for various perplexing problems. I am deeply proud of our team!

By hand in hand, marching toward the future, we are still sticking to our initial FOUR philosophies:


– We rejoice in hearing not only your compliments but also complaints. We believe that what you are telling to us are good wishes, ardent hopes and frank appeals. We appreciate your trust and concern embodied in these compliments and complaints. Feel free to call us or email us to find out if we can work out a solution together to solve any problems plaguing you!


– Each of your concerns will be promptly and seriously responded. We will communicate with you at the right time in a good manner, and believe that we can reach an agreement and cooperate with each other to mutual satisfaction.


– Quality is reflected in details. “Fineness” is our consciousness and what’s more our ability. We absorb knowledge diligently. We work with an inventive mind and always focus on design details. We practice our skills constantly just to accomplish our promises to you: abide by contract, comply with specification, delivery in punctual time and fully meet application.


– We are always thirsty for advancement and forge ahead in real life. We unearth the demand in listening, come up with creative ideas during communication and improve self-skills in learning. We are good at exploring and have the courage to challenge the unknown.


Sichuan Volant Valve Co., Ltd
President Su Zewei


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Tel/Fax : +86-813-8773335

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No. 26 Yuchuan Road, High-Tech Industry Zone, Zigong City, Sichuan Prov. P.R.China

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