GP/GH 90° Pneumatic/Hydraulic Actuator

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Product details

Torque: 650~123200N.m
Design Spec: API 6DX/JB-T8531/ISO5211
Material Spec: Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Steel

Sturcture Characters:

★Modular Design. All parts are easy to be maintained or replaced

★ISO5211 Flange

★Gudie structure driving part can reduce piston rod radial force.  Flexible connection between driving part and others, high efficiency.

★Single cylinder actuating, reasonable layout.

★Protective inner and outer paintings ensure reliable operation in severe serving condition.

★Driving shafte interface to other fittings accords with NAMUR.

★Onsite indication. Strike adjustable in -5~100°

★Up to IP67 water tight

★Inward spring movement. Spring will not release tension while removing spring module. Simultaneously guiding on both inner radial and outer radial of spring. Good under stress stablility, high safety performance and smooth operation.

★Spring auto lock under working pressure. Safe and reliable.

★Working temperature: -29~100℃


Optional Configuration:

★Customized connection flange size

★Addictional special design for lowest working temperature at -46℃

★Additional inner hydraulic manual operation mechanism with external handle device. Compact design inside.

★A breather valve can isolate external environment and balance inner-outer atmsophere pressure in equalizer mechanism.

★A pressure relief port can release unexpected pressure from valve."




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Tel/Fax : +86-813-8773335

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