YAW Pneumatic-Hydraulic Linkage Actuator

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Product details

Torque: 830~69000N.m
Design Spec: ISO5211/JB-T8531
Material Spec: Carbon Steel, Low Temperature Steel per ASTM/DIN/GB

Product Range:

★Actuator Size: YAW13~YCW60


Structure Characters:

★Pipeline media driving

★Differential pressure descend ratio adjustable for  preset high and low pressure respectively.

★Auto shut-off at overpressure

★Auto shut-off at underpressure

★Emergency shut-off when pipeline suffers sudden break.

★Addictional manual operative function

★Structure simple and performance reliable

★Working Temperature: -29~100℃

★Easy to assembly and maintenance




Email : volant_valve@163.com

Tel/Fax : +86-813-8773335

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