Steam Power Ball Valve

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Product details

Size: 1/4”~8”(N6~DN200)
Pressure Class150~Class4500(PN16~PN760)
Design Temperature: -29~620℃
Seat Insert: Metal-to-Metal Seal
Design Spec: ASME B16.34/ASME B16.11
Material Spec: Carbon Steel/refractory steel/Nickel High-temp Alloy per ASTM/DIN/GB

Structure Characters:

★One-piece or seperated forged steel valve body

★Floating ball

★Special coating on ball

★FCI-70-2 VI class tight shut-off

★Dual direction Anti-blow-out stem and dual guided centering design

★Live load packing impacting structure will compensate packing bolt creep under high temperature and packing wearout.

★ISO5211 flange



★Connection: Flange/NPT/BW/SW/Clamp

★Application: Isolation, trapping, steam discharge and overpressure protection (emergency relief) for thermal power plant boiler system, steam turbine system, condesation system and steam supply/pumping system."




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Tel/Fax : +86-813-8773335

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