egulation of supply is a very crucial aspect in any form of transfer. The supply can be fluid in nature like water or oil and even gas. In our everyday life we need many different kind of supplies like the water and LPG gas and there is a need of a very effective supply chain system so it can reach to our houses without any fuss. Companies incorporate a chain of supply pipes for the supply of gas and fluid. These pipes can only be used as carrier as they cannot manage the process of transfer on their own.

Along with the pipeline valves are needed so that the supply can be controlled as per the demand of the user and the company. Valves are devices that can very effectively manage the flow and redirect the supply in a desired manner. These valves can easily close and open the passage of the supply as per the operator handling the supply chain. He can easily manage the supply with the help of these valves and can direct the flow to different locations as per his choice. The working of valves is very simple as they only work in dual manner i.e. opening and closing of the valves. Once the valves are open the fluid can flow easily at high rate from high pressure position to the low pressure one where the fluid is not present at that very particular moment. The other state of the valve is when it gets closed and in this condition it obstructs the passage of the supply and does not allow the flow of the fluid.

There are many different kinds of valves that are available in the market and all these valves serves an entire different purpose when it comes to their effective use. Some are used for farming and agricultural purposes while there are some that are designed with high tech material and are used in industrial purposes. Valves can be seen almost everywhere. It is present in the kitchen like the dish washer and can also be seen in the washers. Direct mount valves is another form of valves that are very common in the industries as it is loaded with many features and also available in a wide variety of options.

The user can choose from this huge pile of selection and select the one as per their needs and budget. Direct mount ball valves can easily be mounted directly and do not need installation of any effective tubing system along with the pipes. These valves comes in different forms like the 3-way valves and the 4-way solenoid valves. However the basic principle of working in these direct mount valves remain same with the slight difference in the way these valves handle the supply pressure. The amount of pressure these valves can manage can handle is measured in PSI.

Higher the PSI higher will be the pressure of the supply. Every organization need is different from the other and they can choose the one that meets their requirement.


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